Swaziland in SLC

Sunday was an amazing morning!

Truly Amazing.

For Crystal and I, leaving Swaziland in 2010, we thought that God was taking us away from Africa and that we would have to find a way to bring our heart for Swazis into the ministry here at K2.  But on Sunday, God proved that we don’t have to manipulate anything at all – that He is the Architect of the story and His good plan!

Man K2 – you really blew us all away!  We sponsored 74% of the children of Ekudzeni on Sunday morning before the servers shut us down!  How cool that the church of K2 responded so fast that the credit card company could only assume that some kind of scam was going down!


I was so excited about 74% and a great morning that I was surprised by Crystal’s response.  She and her friend Kristi helped on Sunday with registrations, and while they were excited about the kids who were sponsored, they found their hearts filled with concern and eyes filled with tears over the 53 that don’t have sponsors yet.

Isn’t it amazing – a community that most of us didn’t know about 3 days ago has now been knit deeply into the heart of our church?  Can you believe how quickly God has called us to SERVE and love this church and its children?  I praise God for all He is doing, and I look forward to being at 100% sponsorship of this church carepoint for the children of Ekudzeni.

If you haven’t had a chance to sponsor your child yet, please visit our K2 page on the CHC website at http://www.hopechest.org/community/ekudzeni/sponsor/ and bring hope to a child in Swaziland today.


failing fore:ward frequently

so back in the day my blog was called ‘failing forward frequently.’  i’m not sure where i originally used the term – i think it was in a sermon series in Oregon in 2002, but i can’t be totally sure.  however, when i went to wordpress.com from blogspot a few years ago i changed it, and coined it ‘5guys and 1amazing girl’ because it was about us as a family and our movements in life and ministry to and from Africa…and that is clearly who we are!

that specific season has [obviously] come to an end, and most of my posts and thoughts have returned to my pastoral and transformational musings, instead of largely being family updates, etc…

so – failing forward frequently?  yep.  that’s as simply as i can picture my walk with jesus.  in my mind, the picture i see is me with my boys when they were little – their hand in mine – walking across the reef at the beach or up a trail toward the top of Exectuion Point in Ezulwini Swaziland … them stumbling all the way and never falling – because of my love and protection for them.  they were, you see, falling and failing forward toward the goal of the day, be that an afternoon summit or finding that perfect reef discovery…  they were safe in my hand and grace, growing within the context of every fall as they clung to me and got their footing back.  these are obviously not new thoughts or my observations – david taught me this in Ps37.23-24 as he wrote:

23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
24 Though they stumble, they will never fall,
for the Lord holds them by the hand.

thanks God, my Father and Friend, that you continue to patiently hold my hand down the path of life – seeking for me to trust in you to make the path straight and clear [Prov 3.5-6], and catching me as i stumble on and off of it frequently.