2007 beach b

first there were 2 of us, then one, then 3, then 4, then 5, and finally 6.

but in some ways we can hardly remember being anything but 6 – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

as for the6ofus, we look to God for grace and style in the adventure.

as for grace, the bottom line is Jesus – He is who we are [about].  our Savior and God, He has begun a redemptive work in us that will continue until the day we are together with Him.  and we seek his grace to follow His leading and work where and with who He leads us to.  out of love and devotion for our Savior we give Him [us] and allow Him to use [us] as He desires.

as for style, we love each other and the beach and the mountains.  if we can be together in sand or snow in style on boards we are thrilled…  but if we can just be together, the adventure is on!

as for now [2004-2009], God has us working out grace and style in Swaziland, Africa.  thanks for being on the adventure with us.


9 responses to “…about[us]…

  1. sounds like good people. great pic…God, please tell me i will be in this place one day! only thing better would be 2 harleys on the path. harleys in africa…hmmmmmmmm. going on “the” harley run today…wish you were here. jp

  2. Lad! I need your address there asap! I’m ordering a bunch of Plumpy’Nut and want to send it to you potentially. I’m debating on sending it to me before I come, or to you.

  3. (I love you guys…wish we were close, either here or there. Hugs, Lydi) “These thousand hills roll ever on * Footprints of a Mighty God * They bring me to my knees in praise * Amazing love, amazing grace.”
    – Thrid Day

  4. Dear Lad and Crystal,

    Being on your team is such a privilege. Hope we will have a new photo of all six of you together soon. Especially praying for Florence right now. Asking that God will give you peace, Crystal, being so far away.With love, hugs and prayer. Check out Ps.94:19.

  5. So, how are my guys? I miss them. Shame I did not think of writing to you all before now. So, is Crusoe better with the warmer weather? Is Parker growing super fast? How are you all? Do you have an e-mail address? I got several people’s before I left, but not yours. Shame. 🙂 Well, know you are busy. Love, Bethany

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