Bob’s Obsre:vations

Hello all from Ethiopia-

We visited many “homes” yesterday in the Mekele community.  You can’t really call a 4′ x 8′  room/shanty that sleeps 3, has no toilet or shower, no running water, has one light, has no bed, no sheets, no pillows, no ……. and leaks water when it rains – you just can’t call that a home.  There are tens of thousands of residents in those types of living accommodations here in Mekele where about 215,000 people live.

Can you imagine hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million plus, in the capital city of Addis Ababa where 3M people live and the incredible homelessness and substandard living conditions, unimaginable poverty and …….  It is really unfathomable.  Think for just a moment about the worlds population of 7B people and how many billion – likely 6B plus – that live in these conditions.  We are so blessed and we are so grateful for our new digs for the next 4 nights but are humbled tremendously.

Please continue praying for our health and that we can do God’s will on this trip and to lay the foundation and framework for future exciting and beneficial endeavors with us, with K2, with Bridges of Hope and for all the markets throughout the world that are in such need of help. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” –

Thanks for the continued prayers and God Bless you!!

Bob Seawright



3 responses to “Bob’s Obsre:vations

  1. Can you please let Charity know that her work family is so very proud of her? We miss her and have her in our thoughts every day. Please give her a hug from us.
    Thank you

  2. thank God for volunteers such as yourself. The world is a better place. Our world is a better place because of selfliss people as youyself.

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