Re:port from EDub

When faced with so much genuine need it is hard to not just try and fix it.  So many of the issues we see here could be immediately addressed with the money in our pocket but is that the right thing to do?  We saw that giving just one child something as simple as a ball point pen created a mob scene of kids wanting a pen. Many times we think we are helping when we give something away but in reality we are making things worse.  If we can help a person or even better a community figure out how they can enact change to better themselves than real, sustainable improvement can happen.  This takes a lot of time but this process not only meets the need of the person but also maintains their dignity.

As Americans we are use to everything happening instantly and many times that is how we approach our compassion efforts.  We feel good when we give something away to a person less fortunate but is it about how we feel?  I believe if we were to step back and look at it beyond the immediate situation we would find that the outcome is much different then we intended.

Eric Winter


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