re:SLC Utah … of all places!!

Well … we’re settled.  Finally 🙂

In Salt Lake City, Utah. of all places.  To be honest, we’ve been here for 6 months now, but only are really getting settled in now.  The boys have been in 2 different schools, but we bought our first house in December [hence, the move to the 2nd school] and are 3 months into that adventure.  We like it and are grateful for God’s place for us to be!

When we left Africa just over a year ago, we had no idea that SLC was where God would bring us!  We simply knew that we wanted to live and serve in a place that didn’t have enough churches telling people about Jesus and the Life He gives!  SLC is the least churched place in the entire US – there are less that 1 Christian churches here for every 15,000 people!  We had no idea!

So God brought us here in May 2010 and we decided by July that this was where God was calling us to move – to either start a church, or pastor a church that was already here.  In that process we met the guys at K2theChurch [] and we started on staff as a pastor here in August of last year!  We love serving at K2 and the fact that as a church we’re doing such a good job of being focused on Jesus and taking the gift of His grace to the people around us!

So thanks for praying for us as we continue to serve Jesus and tell others about Him wherever He puts us!  And now that we are settled, you can look for my post to be more regular going forward!