re: God in a ditch!

On our first SERVE day in Grand River, one of the teams was picking up trash while inviting people to Convoy of Hope, and slugging down the road with some heavy bags of rubbish.  Not the easiest part of town, Don was shocked when God spoke right out of the ditch!  Right out of the pile of trash he picked up off the road!  Here’s what God said:

God speaks from the ditch!

WOW!  Exactly what Don and his team needed!  Isn’t is great to know that when God has called you to go into new territory, go to new places, conquer new heights, to walk with Him through difficult waters … that He will go with You?  Thank You God for going with us and infusing your people with hope and courage all along the way!

By the way … read that passage out of the Bible in Joshua 1.6-7 – good stuff!


sre:ving it up in grand river!

Everybody can SERVE!

It was a great day last Saturday in Grand River, OH – about 50 adults and Kids took to the streets as Grand River Community Chapel to SERVE!  The church I grew up at in Ohio – Leroy Community Chapel- is re-planting an old church in the little town where our family business is.  My dad has been praying for this church to be re:planted for almost 30 years, and this last weekend the church we simply “introduced” ourselves to Grand River as people who love Jesus and want to SERVE the people/needs of the community in His name.

Pastor Mark and crew Serving and Giving!

I’m really grateful to Ben Rogers@HPC and Charles@Bayside for teaching me how to Serve missionaly in a community and I’m excited to see how it is working itself out for the Kingdom of God in a little community in NEOhio!  Please pray for Pastors Mark, Tom, Jeff and their team as the re:plant this little church in Grand River OH – that God’s work might reach many who’ve never heard the grace of forgiveness that ONLY comes in the person and work of His Son, Jesus.

Dad, Jp, and Kip in front of the GRCC building!