re: 8 year old perfection

Momma and Wyatt on Lake Erie May 27th

So Wyatt was 8 yesterday and after we read in John last night we prayed … and he wanted to, and it went like this:

“Dear God, thanks for creating me, and letting me live, and giving me personality, so that I can be unique and have fun and worship you.”

and that, my friends, is the meaning of life – and he’s got ahold of it already!  Hang on to it kiddo – I love you!


re: our last Month with Cup

IF you have been partnering financially with us through Children’s Cup –  thank you so much!!  But don’t miss this:  MAY IS THE LAST MONTH TO GIVE!!!

If you have arranged for an auto debit from your account that has been functioning on a regular basis, May 2010 will be the last month you will have an automatic withdrawl taken from your account.

IF you would like to continue to give to the work in Africa through Cup we would be very excited.  There are two good ways to do it, and June and Stephanie at the Cup office can help you with both:

1. You can give to the general projects and expenses of Children’s Cup by making a monthly undesignated gift.

2. You can sponsor a Cup kid in Swazi, Mozambique, or Zimbabwe through our sponsoring agency Mission of Mercy.

Crystal and I would wholeheartedly encourage either of these options as a great way to support God’s work in Africa.  Thanks for being such great partners in these last 5 years of work and ministry!

Prayer requests:

*For our family as we spend the summer working in Ohio and preparing for the fall.

*FINANCES – we are still about $8000- behind in expenses of moving to the USA.

*For Wisdom and Discernment from the Spirit as we move toward open doors for our next ministry.

re:our last CUPDATE

Our 3 months of arriving back in the US from Africa, visiting and sharing with partners, and debriefing has come to a close.  We have thoroughly enjoyed being with you and sharing the things God has done and shown us during our 5 years of ministry in Swaziland.  Along with a few nice days at the beach, we have worked in Haiti, rocked Servolution with Bayside Church in Bradenton, and prepared for the road ahead at a church planting conference during our 7 weeks in Florida.  Thank you for praying for us as we journey into the future!

We have walked this road to Africa together, those of you who have partnered with us in prayer and effort and finances.  Many people have heard and seen the Gospel of Jesus, have tasted the success of seeing their labor produce food, felt the joy of health and a full belly, and come to a deeper faith in Christ.  In the end, we thank you and pray that Jesus is pleased!