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“Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.” 1Cor 6.18


re:andom experiment about ‘sex’

so this is very different kind of post for me – an experiment of sorts.  If you know me you’ll know this is a break from the norm.

my blog tracks automatically how many hits, etc… i get daily and where the links come from and what phrases people use to get referred to our blog.  simple enough.

today i noticed that someone found our blog using the search “pictures of 5 year old boys,” and i’m pretty lit up about it.

not that i don’t know it exists, and that YOU are out there, but people we are a mess.  WE ARE PERVERTS!  I get sin,  and I get depravity [Rom 1], but people when does this stop?

It can only stop you you and me at the Cross of Jesus.  You can never change.  I can never change.  Only we Jesus can bring life into the death that we are in sin.

I am a messed up sinner just like YOU.  God says your sin has a wage/penalty, and it is eternal death- Hell.  But He loves us!  and paid the price by sending His Son Jesus to die on the Cross in my place.  In YOUR place.  Anyone who calls on the name of Jesus, believing in Him as God who died for your sin, will be saved.

So get off the child porn and get on your knees and repent and believe in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin, dude.

and here’s the experiment – how many hits will i get today?

this picture was in my camera – i actually missed the picture that I was looking to get  – one of a person walking – and discovered the message in this only as i was editing …

"we need help. my whole family die. i am a victim."

CAN YOU IMAGINE writing this message on the rubble that used to be your house in a language you don;t know how to speak or write in, with the hopes that a foreigner would pass by and read it, and want to come in and help?

Lord have mercy.

re: Haiti day #4

April 10, 2010  – 9.37am – waiting on the tarmac of the PaP airport AA#816

it’s my 5 year old Crusoe’s birthday today, and i am leaving Haiti, feeling like i’ve seen a ton of needs and not done much to help it this week – such is the nature of a setup trip i guess.  i’m praying that our work might become a blessing as GoGlobal teams start to arrive even this next week.  i’m not sure that i like being the outsider though:)  coming in for a quick visit to the country, not really understanding ‘how it is’ … having all kinds of thoughts and solutions as an outsider – some helpful, and some not…  having been the missionary in the country for the last 5 years, it’s a new role for me.

even more than that, it’s been really hard to not read my Swazi style/expectations/ understanding into life here in Haiti.  for that matter, its hard to not look at things with your American/Canadian/western eyes, or whatever frame of mind you might have, and miss the real issues.  in the line this morning at the airport, and all week really, with dozens of relief workers, i heard and participated in a number of conversations about ‘the way they should be doing it’ … and “the problem down here…”  i guess you can’t slam relief workers and missionaries for trying to figure out the best way to do something … but as for me i sure wish that ‘listening and serving’ came more easily than ‘talking and elevating my ideas’ do.

so here it is:  what would you do if you were here … as a Haitian living inside the disaster.  what would it be like to be from the church i visited yesterday:  the pastor and his wife were leading a discipleship class with the 20 elders/leaders of the church when the quake hit.  In an instant all the leaders were gone from this life – called home into eternity.

all your church’s leaders now have widows and orphans.  maybe your husband or wife is one of them.  who does the funerals?  not the leaders – they are all dead!  all the schools are closed – the kids are hungry and you have no way to provide anything at all.  as you continue to work on the rubble by hand, you try to ignore the reality that five of the church leaders bodies still lie buried in rubble beneath your feet – 3 MONTHS later, you still haven’t found them.

the church rubble 3 months later with 5 church members still lost inside

there is no equipment rental place around to move the concrete, not that you could afford it if there was one, so you use your hammer and chip away at the giant pile of concrete day after day.  you are still sleeping in a tent out of fear or another quake – there is no expert seismic report assuring you of relative safety, and so you [and all your neighbors] don’t even plan on rebuilding because of your fear.

take a minute to actually try to put those shoes on for a day.

and then pray, and give, and go as God leads you.

re: day#3 PortAuPrince

April 9 2010 – PortAuPrince

it’s 3.47p and we are stuck in traffic at the Iron Market in Port – no longer a tourist area, but a rank, refuse-laden market where cabbages, used clothing, sewage and rotting food collide with thousands of commuters and displaced people.  Lord have mercy.

@ the same time I’m freshly aware of the snobbish attitude of my wealth and comfort as a westerner – of my upbringing in the wealthiest country, during the wealthiest and most comfortable time of all history … here we are in this van devastated by what we would all assess as a totally deplorable living condition – and our immediate need is to get the windows up to keep the stench out of the van … forgive me Father.

Highlight of the trip today – we’ve seen a number of good projects, but the one I’m most excited about was an church/orphange to the west just past the epicenter of the quake.  the church, Servants of All, is located in more of a rural type area, and 80% of al the houses have been leveled completely in the earthquake.  the church has been cracked beyond repair and the entire school facility was leveled.  there is only one church in the States – a church in Louisiana of 200 people supporting this work, and they have just paid to have the kitchen rebuilt.

The biggest issue keeping the people in their tents is their fear of returning to life inside buildings.  Most roofs here are poorly supported concrete slabs – hence the devastating number of deaths during the quake.  it will probably change the entire nation’s culture of house building going forward – most people want to build houses with lumber roofs now.

getting a lesson in shooting marbles Haiti style

at the church the congregation has all moved into tents on the property – 450 people!! – out of fear that another quake will come and bring their house down on them again!  they pray and worship every morning at 4am and also 4 nights a week in a tent sanctuary behind the damaged building.  please pray for pastor georges and his congregation and their 75 orphans as they trust Him for the future.  also, please pray for Childrens Cup and GoGlobal as they pray about how they can help at this church in their upcoming trips to serve here in Haiti.

April 8 –

5.45 am – @1.30a we had an earthquake – no word yet on damages, if any.  rumbles yes, but i didn’t even wake up.  a beautiful morning … we’re off to a number of sites today.  God give us clear vision for what breaks Your heart – break my heart for what breaks yours…

10.00pm – a pretty hectic day, the majority of it was spent driving.  the traffic here around PortAuPrince is difficult.  you have to plan your stay and housing and timing around the traffic.  the earthquake damages and tent-squatting and relief traffic only add to it.

Praise You God!  You really provided so many connections for us today.  We are a team of 7 people from 6 different churches/organizations with one main goal and a few different “possibilities” in mind… and 3 times today as a team we couldn’t get ahold of the people we needed to meet via phone and met them during the course of the day at a different location!  Thank you God!

I’m overwhelmed here not having ‘haitian’ eyes to see what the real needs are … we were at a school that was a higher-class private school – and they lost buildings, but can that be the biggest need?  I am praying today that the orphange/tent city provides us with more opportunities to reach children with Your love.

One of our teams is medical and we went to this medical logistics coordination organization and was able to bump into my friend Kellen who serves here with Medical Teams International.  Thanks Lord for the cool blessing to see one of the kids in our youth ministry in Oregon grown up and serving you in this place!  Darrell and Patty would be so proud to see him at work!

Kellen told me that the international relief community views this disaster in Haiti as the worst in modern times based on:  1. the previous lack of governmental infrastructure…2. the fact that the entire country was effected by the damage…3. but mostly that the emerging middle class was @ work in the city and killed in the quake, now only the poor and ultra wealthy exist.  the poor do not know what to do, and the ultra wealthy are not really effected.  the government is not yet functioning and communicating to the people [via newspaper, radio, etc…] and no international relief efforts are being sync’d effectively in the same direction.

So Lord I pray that tomorrow you’d give us the opportunity to see what could become of our efforts here – which opportunities you want us to invest in short term and long term.  Give us safe travel today Lord.