re: Christmas@101F!

Our December Cupdate Newsletter!

Well Christmas is here and we are celebrating our last one here in Swaziland!  We want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas as we prepare to return to America in January!  We thank God for allowing us to serve over 5 years in Africa and providing for all we needed.

Our 2 years with Cup has come to a close and we are moving back to the States to serve in the Church again.  While leaving Africa is bittersweet for all of us, we are confident in God’s plan that the timing is right.  Squire’s 10 now, and we want to return for the boys schooling years.

We arrive back in the US in Feb and have a planned program of re-orientation and job seeking through May 2010.  Will you pray about continuing your support of our family/ministry with Cup thru May 2010, as we get settled into life in a new ministry?

Please email me at if you have any other questions about our plans and how you can be involved!


re: kiss-ee-moose-ee!!

in Siswati, Christmas is pronounced “kiss-ee-moose-ee” .   At Cup in Swaziland, we’ve just begun 8 consecutive days of Christmas parties for over 5,000 kids at 19 different carepoints!  We’ve got a great staff here of about 50 people, about 100 Volunteers from a local church – Healing Place Swaziland … and about 45 American volunteers in town too to help in the effort!

We try to have a great time with orphans and vulnerable kids here at Cup every day, but we pull out all the stops on Christmas – the celebration of the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth – the Son of God!!!  If there was something to get excited about – this is it!  Enjoy a couple pics…

Christmas in Summer is HOT!

Puppet Show complete with Mary, Joseph, Angels, Shepherds, Wise Dudes and the Baby Jesus!