Don’t miss the 40days of prayer video today!!

I love my man Dixon!!! i want to move to Zim just to get more of that action! if you’re tuning in today, thanks for praying for us … but you should know that being a missionary is not a hardship – it’s an honor and blessing! God is great and provides everything you need if you obey when He calls you. as for us, God has been TOO kind and good!

i had a great day today – some stuff like your life, and some stuff not:

6.30a wake [up too late last night]

7.00a- battery dead in my land rover – i’m not sure if it;s the alternator or not … grr.

7.30a boys to school

8.00a- gym [there’s only one in our city]

9.00a – government meeting to discuss $150,000 grant Childrens Cup was just awarded – Praise God!!!

11.00a – watched my boy Wyatt performing Swazi cultural dancing at school

noon – in my office – 10 emails and a bit of coffee and Word time

2.00p – out to Carepoint for playing and Bible club

4.20p – drove Carepoint staff home, stopped 2help a friend buy some pain meds as he is in late stage HIV

5.30p- office @home for a few more mails

6.00p – family movie night with old school Treasure Island

2 hours of holding kids at Madonsa today made my week- thanks for the honor of being a missionary here with Cup in Swazi.

Godspeed, Lad