bre:ak my heart for what bre:aks Yours

my favorite new prayer

…heal my heart and make it     

clean, open up my eays to the things 

      unseen.   show me how to love like you have

         loved me break my heart for what breaks Yours, 

                             everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause.

                             as i walk from earth into eternity…

                                      hosanna in the highest!

                             – hillsong –


Lord, bring this to life in me – make me this kind of man in Your family,

this kind of servant in Your kingdom, this kind of fighter in Your scraps…


re: …an 11 day walk…

so in Dueteronomy 1.2 moses gets a bit technical, like an old school AAA travel agent, and says that ‘normally it only takes 11 days to get to Kadesh Barnea from Mt Sinai, via the Mt. Seir road.’  then, the punch line.  vs. 2:  40 years into their journey, they arrived.

40 years, walking down a dirt road, that was supposed to only amount to 11 days of dust.


if you know the story, you know that while the details are numerous … the basic reason for the 39.99 year extension on the trip was because the crew made smart plans of their own, feeling that God’s plans were too unknown and too unplanned and too risky…and the obstacles were too huge [giant, to be exact].

so Lord, i know you’ve got fights you’ve called us to fight, and lands you’ll tell us to take …  give me the courage to see your perspective of the journey – to be on your gps, and not mine.  and help us to walk into fights with giants with Your courage and confidence, and get to where you’ve called us to go in 11 days, as opposed to 14,559 days, where whole generations of opportunity have to die in me and crystal, in our boys, and in your Kingdom.

please Father, lad

nothing worth re:ading yet…

Crystal has been back for a few weeks now, and we are starting to get back to life as it is supposed to be.  We’ve had some amazing conversations together, and cried together as we’ve gone over the memories of mom and the last week of her life … so thanks for praying for us in the process.

So i’ve nothing of significance to say or write, but i love this picture from a Cup meeting we had at the beach in August.  And the truth is, Crusoe is far more fly than this picture could ever convey!


fyi … we’ve been lured by the sirens of face, and have booked in there.  Crystal and i have both enjoyed catching up with old friends … you can catch us there as ‘lad chapman’ and ‘crystal chapman’ – deceptively obvious names. 

Godspeed your day, lad