Mom is Home!

Last night Mom, Florence Best of Berwick, Nova Scotia, at age 90 [1 week from 91st bday], went home to be with her Savior.  After a wonderful life of blessing and serving others, Mom is at rest.  She had a major stroke last Wednesday, and just passed from dying to New Life last night.

Crystal and Parker have been with her for a week, and Mom was able to hold hands with Crystal, reaching out for her a couple times a few days ago.  The only thing she said all week, was “Parker,” as he laid on her chest one day.  Precious times between mom and daughter.

Thanks for praying with us.  We thank God for the safe and [relatively] affordable flights for Crystal to make it home and be with Mom … and for those precious moments saying goodbye.  Pray for Crystal as the grief really starts to sink in of saying farewell her momma.